Women’s Health Made Easy

Preventative Health Services Conveniently Scheduled

As a woman, it’s important to make time for your own health. That’s why we created Women’s Health Day: an experience that offers the essential health screenings and exams you need all in one convenient location close to home. At Women’s Health Day, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Personalized Guidance
    A Women’s Health Day guide will escort you through the morning’s activities and answer your questions.
  • Complimentary Meal
    You will receive a meal coupon for the JCH&L cafeteria which you can use for a meal on the day of your services (or a different day if you prefer.)
  • Important Health Screenings
    The right screenings can detect problems before they start, helping you live a longer, healthier life. At Women’s Health Day, you can complete your annual health checks in three hours or less.  Screenings include laboratory, mammogram, Dexa Scan if appropriate, and annual physical. Lab results will be available for your provider and you to review at your appointment. Mammogram results may be available on the same day, or will be mailed. If a pap test is part of your screenings, results will be mailed to you.

Fasting Lab Tests

The day begins with standard laboratory tests, which give useful information about your health. Your results will be reviewed with you before you leave for the day. (Prior night fasting is required.)

Physician and patient shaking hands

Screening Mammogram

Next, you’ll receive a screening mammogram using 3D mammography for preventative breast health, as recommended for women age 40 and older. Your results may be available to be reviewed during your appointment or may be mailed to you.

A doctor and patient going over test results

Annual Exam

Then, take another important step in protecting your health. This routine annual exam assesses gynecological health and includes a pelvic exam and cervical cancer screening if recommended for you.

A healthcare provider in scrubs interacting with a patient

Reserve Your Women’s Health Day Experience Now

As part of the Women’s Health Day, you will receive reserved parking and a meal coupon for the JCH&L cafeteria at no cost to you. For screenings and exams, we accept all major insurance plans. Coverage is subject to individual policy terms. Coverage is subject to individual policy terms.
Please note not all lab work is considered screening dependent upon your insurance plan and your personal
health conditions. Deductibles may apply. Please check with your insurer.

Women’s Health Day takes place at Jefferson Community Health & Life Health Center and Fairbury Clinic. Schedules will be based on availability for your physical of your preferred health care provider (physician, nurse practitioner or PA.)

Call 402.587.5218 to schedule your appointment.

* Lab testing and mammogram results will be reviewed with you before you leave for the day. Pap test results will be provided by mail.