You can count on our family of caring physicians to provide the best in women’s health services at Jefferson Community Health & Life. No matter your age or stage of life, we provide care and education to meet your needs. We provide primary care for you and your whole family – infant through adult.

Four board-certified family practice physicians and four physician assistants are readily available at Jefferson Community Health & Life Fairbury Clinic for gynecological care and women’s health issues. For any need, big or small, you will be cared for by our friendly nursing staff.

Four therapists are trained to provide therapy for women’s health issues.


Bone Density Testing

  • Simple, quick and non-invasive DEXA scan displays pictures of the lower spine and hips to measure bone loss
  • Commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis and assess risk for developing fractures

Breast Health

  • 3D Mammography offered by Jefferson Community Health & Life Radiology, a certified Pink Ribbon facility

Lab Screenings

  • Comprehensive laboratory screenings available for women of all stages of life to help monitor your health
  • Receiving recommended screenings can help you and your doctor identify health problems when they are most treatable

Annual physical, routine and chronic care

  • Annual physical and Medicare wellness visits are available at Jefferson Community Health & Life Fairbury Clinic.
  • Routine and chronic care are available at Jefferson Community Health & Life Fairbury Clinic.

OB/GYN Services

  • Monthly visits to consult with patients regarding gynecologic health,
  • Gynecologic surgeries performed at Jefferson Community Health & Life surgery center

Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Care

  • Pregnancy tests available at JCH&L Fairbury Clinic
  • Comprehensive pediatric care from board-certified family medicine physicians as your child grows

Women’s Health Therapies

  • Four therapists certified to assist in women’s health issues – including pelvic floor issues, lymphedema, nutrition, lactation and bone loss.

Now you can get several of these services—along with some personalized pampering—all at once through our Women’s Health Day. Learn more and reserve your women’s wellness experience now.

If you have questions about our women’s health services, please call Jefferson Community Health & Life at 402.729.3351.