My Wellness Dashboard is part of YourCareEverywhere, a new online personal health and wellness content website with a variety of health management tools and a customizable Wellness Dashboard to make keeping track of your health information a lot easier. You can even consolidate your patient portal links and self-generated health data from personal wearables, apps or devices – like your Fitbit or a personal glucometer – in one easy to access location. After signing up for My Wellness Dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Link to your secure Patient Portal to interact with your personal medical records and much more.
  • Explore relevant health and wellness content important to you like current articles, videos, recipes, and more.
  • Record and consolidate your self-generated health data from over 150 devices or apps (like FitBit, Nike Running or your glucometer) in one easy-to-use online location on your personal Wellness Dashboard.

Interact with your information via our Android or Apple iOS mobile app for anytime, anywhere access.

With My Wellness Dashboard, you can manage health information for you and your family through this one, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly platform.

After completing the registration process for both our Patient Portal and My Wellness Dashboard through the YourCareEverywhere (YCE) site, your YCE Wellness Dashboard will be your primary entry point for our Patient Portal and other information you add to customize your Wellness Dashboard. This may include links to other patient portals or important websites, as well as your ability to sync self-generated health data from a wearable device or app.

My Wellness Dashboard makes accessing and managing your health world easier.

The Patient Portal for Jefferson Community Health & Life is a secure website where you can access portions of your personal health information and interact with our facility. It provides you with a 24/7 connection to important information and allows you to:

  • Receive inpatient and outpatient lab results from the Jefferson Community Health & Life laboratory (excludes tests sent to reference labs)
  • View current health issues
  • Track immunizations
  • View a list of your medications from your last hospital stay at Jefferson Community Health & Life
  • View allergy information
  • Manage personal information and delegate status…and more!

Our Patient Portal is designed to help you be a more informed and active partner in your healthcare with us and your care team.

When you create an account in the Patient Portal, you will be able to do these things and more:

  • Have online access to view and share your personal health record (PHR) related to your hospital stays
  • View your lab test results, list of medications, diagnoses, allergies, vital signs, and other healthcare information related to your inpatient hospital stay
  • Access your hospital discharge instructions to help you take better care of yourself once you are home
  • View outpatient lab results
  • Review and update your personal information
  • Manage family member health records once you are authorized

We encourage everyone to use the Patient Portal. This will provide you 24/7 access to your results, and you can print them if you choose.

At the present time, only the results of lab tests performed in the Jefferson Community Health & Life Health Center laboratory are included on the Patient Portal. For all other results, you must consult your physician, or contact Jefferson Community Health & Life Health Information Service at 402.729.3351 to request copies of medical records.

Not at this time. In the future, we hope this information can be made available.

You must be 18 years old or older and have been a patient in our health center to be eligible to enroll in the patient portal. If you are the guardian or parent of a minor who is a patient, you will be able to access your child’s information as well. There is an authorization form that must be signed. For more information, please call 402.729.3351.

It’s complimentary and absolutely free! The service is provided from our health center to you as a service to help you become a healthier, more informed patient and/or care giver.

Yes. We will send you an email or text message based on your preference as specified during your patient portal enrollment. After you register with My Wellness Dashboard, you will see red alert icons at the top blue bar of your web page, as well as within your personal Wellness Dashboard, to direct you to new patient portal information for your review. Red alert icons are also visible within the YourCareEverywhere app, available in Android and Apple iOS.

All you need is access to the internet from your computer or smart phone. From the email address or smart phone cell number you provided at registration, you will be sent a personal link to click to start your portal registration process.

  1. Present your photo identification at registration and provide your email address.
  2. You will receive an email from YourCareUniverse with a link to begin your Patient Portal enrollment.
  3. Verify your personal information, set your private password and select a security question.
  4. After accepting the standard terms and conditions, a series of four YourCareEverywhere (YCE) overview screens will open. Click the Start Now button on the final screen to set up your YCE profile.
  5. Once your YCE profile is completed, you can access the Patient Portal or other information within the My Wellness Dashboard and website.
  6. Remember to download the YCE app from either the Android or Apple iOS store for 24/7 access to your YCE health information and our patient portal.

With proper authorizations, Representative Accounts can be created that allow you to access and/or manage select family members’ health information just as you can with a personal account. We’re happy to help you with this process.

Yes. On the Representative page, you will be able to add access for others once you log into the Patient Portal. Only those you authorize, your clinical team and you will be able to see or gain access to the secure information in your Patient Portal.

Yes. Both your Patient Portal and My Wellness Dashboard are mobile-friendly and accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device (including smart phones) with internet connection. Just download the YCE app from the Android or Apple iOS store after you complete the My Wellness Dashboard profile to gain access to your account and our patient portal.

No problem. There is a “Forgot Password” option on the log in screen to your patient portal. Anytime you change your password, you will receive an alert email to verify that you submitted this request. If you have a problem resetting your password, please call 402.729.3351.

Yes, your personal and medical information within the Patient Portal uses a secure, encrypted connection that meets the highest industry standards to provide you with the highest level of protection and peace of mind.

Please call 402.729.3351 and let us know you would like to receive an invitation for the Patient Portal. You will be asked to provide your name, the email address and/or cell number you used to sign up for My Wellness Dashboard, and your date of birth. You will receive an email link within 48 hours to access the Patient Portal.

Call Jefferson Community Health & Life at 402.729.3351 for assistance with My Wellness Dashboard and/or our Patient Portal.

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