Our Board of Directors

Jefferson Community Health & Life is a private non-profit corporation operated by a board of directors elected from corporation members. As a non-profit, the corporation can issue no shares of stock and cannot declare any dividends or distribute any part of its income to its corporate membership. As a private corporation, Jefferson Community Health & Life is not funded by taxes.

To become a lifetime member, an individual, company or corporation must simply contribute $100 or more to the corporation. A lifetime member, with the approval of the board of directors, can have his or her stock transferred to another person. Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact the Jefferson Community Health & Life chief executive officer at 402.729.3351.

It’s the membership’s responsibility to maintain the facilities of Jefferson Community Health & Life, and see that the facility continues to provide the highest-quality care for area residents.

Directors for the eight-member board are elected from among the members at the annual membership meeting. Directors are elected to serve a four-year term, and no director is allowed to serve more than two successive four-year terms. The board meets monthly, with various committees meeting as needed.

  • Trevor Steinmeyer, Chairman
  • Ross Boeckner, Vice Chairman
  • Glenda Austin, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Carolyn Scherbarth
  • Steven Snyder
  • Dallas Christ
  • Sara Stewart
  • Diane Wellsandt