Grant Project Allows Upgrade of IN2L at Gardenside

A grant project recently updated the It’s Never Too Late computer system for Jefferson Community Health & Life Gardenside, giving more options to residents for activities and contact with their families.

JCH&L Gardenside worked with the Diller Community Foundation to apply for the “Connecting Elders with Family” grant through the Nebraska Community Foundation. The grant was to encourage using electronic devices and complementary equipment to help connect those in care facilities with their families. It was a 1:1 matching grant. JCH&L Gardenside applied for funding to upgrade the current It’s Never 2 Late computer equipment, and add 2 tablets to make it more accessible. The system allows video calls with families, games, participation in activities and more for Gardenside residents.

The Nebraska Community Foundation approved the grant, and matching funds came the Diller Community Foundation, Fairbury Community Foundation and JCH&L’s Jefferson Health Care Fund. The total project was $9,997, with $4,998.50 in matching funds.

“COVID has made it a very difficult year, and we appreciate the grant assistance to make it easier for our residents to stay in touch with the families,” said Deb Sutton RN, Gardenside Administrator. “We thank all of the organizations that have made this possible.”