Annual Salad Festival Successful

The annual Salad Festival held Thursday, May 16, was successful, raising more than $1,600 for the Jefferson Community Health & Life Auxiliary.

A total of 210 people were served at the festival, said Lana Likens, director of public relations, marketing and development at Jefferson Community Health & Life. The Salad Festival is the biggest fundraiser of the JCH&L Auxiliary each year, and has a long tradition in Fairbury. The first festival was held in 1965.

“It takes a tremendous amount of community support to have a fund-raising event continue for more than 50 years. We thank all of those who help to make the Salad Festival successful,” Likens said.

The Salad Festival takes much volunteer time and effort. More than 35 individuals volunteer their time to help during the day, and more than 75 food items are donated. This year, seed money from a Thrivent Financial Action Team also helped to cover some of the expenses of the event.

The auxiliary provides scholarships to students entering medical fields and provides Christmas gifts for JCH&L Gardenside residents, in addition to providing volunteer support for JCH&L in a variety of ways.

This year the Fairbury FFA decorated the tables with geraniums from its greenhouse, and had geraniums for sale to benefit the FFA.

In addition, Jefferson Community Health & Life Radiology had a table with information on its new 3D mammography and the Women’s Health Day.

Public Invited to Free Movie Honoring Veterans

The public is invited to a free movie on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, at 3 p.m. in honor of veterans: Memphis Belle. Admission is free to the public compliments of Jefferson Community Health & Life. All veterans will receive a free small popcorn compliments of the Bonham Theatre.

Memphis Belle is a fictionalization of a 1943 documentary about the 25th and last mission of an American Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber based in England during World War II. The movie begins as the crew members of the Memphis Belle prepare for their 25th and final mission into enemy German territory.

Jefferson Community Health & Life salutes veterans. JCH&L is a veteran-friendly employer and health care provider.

Sterling Connection Members Invited to Ice Cream Social

Jefferson Community Health & Life invites Sterling Connection members to an ice cream social on Monday, June 3, beginning at 1 p.m.

As a kick off for National Dairy Month, Ann Engelman of Classic Dairy will give a program on ice cream. Then everyone will enjoy a sundae bar with ice cream and their choice of toppings. The day will conclude with door prizes.

The event is free to Sterling Connection members, who are also invited to bring along a guest. Every member who brings a non-member guest will have a chance to win a special door prize for the member and their guest.

Please pre-register by Friday, May 24, by calling 402-729-3351 or 402-729-6855.

Jefferson Community Health & Life Radiology Now Offering Genius™ 3D Mammography

Jefferson Community Health & Life Radiology is excited to offer Genius ™ 3D Mammography™ exams, developed by Hologic, Inc., a worldwide leader in Women’s Health. Utilizing advanced breast tomosynthesis technology, Genius exams are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, and also decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing.1-7

In addition, the new mammography equipment features Hologic’s SmartCurve system, which features a proprietary curved surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast to reduce pinching and allow better distribution of force over the entire breast. In a recent clinical study comparing the SmartCurve breast stabilization system to traditional flat paddle compression, the SmartCurve system improved comfort in 93 percent of women who reported moderate to severe discomfort with standard compression.8 In addition, 95 percent of those surveyed would recommend facilities that use the system.9

Jefferson Community Health & Life is committed to the health and wellness of our area residents, and to the fight against breast cancer.

“Our board of directions, medical providers and staff are all committed to inspiring healthy living by providing exceptional health and life services. 3D Mammography was the next step for us to provide the best in breast health for our area residents,” said Chad Jurgens, JCH&L CEO.

In conventional 2D Mammography, overlapping tissue is a leading reason why small breast cancers may be missed and normal tissue may appear abnormal, leading to unnecessary callbacks. A Genius exam includes a three-dimensional method of imaging that can greatly reduce the tissue overlap effect.

A Genius exam includes both 2D images and tomosynthesis scans. During the tomosunthesis DIMENSIONAL portion of the scan, an X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple images. A computer then converts the images into a stack of thin layers, allowing the radiologist to review the breast tissue one layer at a time. A Genius exam requires no additional compression and takes just a few seconds longer than a conventional 2D breast cancer screening exam.

Hologic’s Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam are revolutionizing how breast cancer is detected by providing a better option for women of all breast densities compared to 2D alone.

“This system provides both 2D and 3D images, giving our radiologists the best information possible for cancer detection for women of all breast types. We are pleased that this service will be available to all women, including those who take advantage of our designated Women’s Health Days,” said Nikole Marshman, radiology manager. “The SmartCurve system has also increased comfort, which is important in encouraging women to have mammograms as recommended by their health care provider.”

Women’s Health Days are a convenient way for women to get their annual physical exam, screening mammogram, and lab tests, in addition to pampering and free breakfast. They are scheduled on select Tuesdays and Thursdays each month. All major insurance plans are accepted.

For more information on scheduling your Women’s Health Day Experience or your mammogram, contact JCH&L radiology at 402-729-6841.


The Genius™ 3D Mammography™ (a.k.a. Genius™ exam) is acquired on the Hologic® 3D Mammography™ system and consists of a 2D and 3D™ image set, where the 2D image can be either an acquired 2D image or a 2D image generated from the 3D™ image set. The Genius™ exam is only available on the Hologic 3D Mammography™ system.

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9 Data on file and from public sources, 2017

Measles Titer Available from JCH&L

Due to the largest measles outbreak since 1994, Jefferson Community Health & Life will be offering titers for the community May 28-31. The titer will cost $25. Appointments are required by calling Jefferson Community Health & Life outpatient services at 402-729-6851.

A titer is a laboratory test that is used to determine immunity to a disease. A titer is suggested for those who do not have documentation that they have had two MMR vaccines, especially if they plan to travel to states where measles is active. As of the end of April, measles had been reported in 22 states.

Blood samples collected during this opportunity will be send to the University of Nebaska Medical Center to check for immunity to Measles. Participants will receive information regarding their immunity, and if they are not immune will receive an insert with information on immunization clinics held by Blue Valley Community Action at JCH&L. The MMR vaccine (which includes measles, mumps and rubella) costs approximately $146 before insurance.

If you make an appointment for a titer, please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope for your results to be sent to you.

If you have questions about measles, the titer, or the vaccine, please contact JCH&L Infection Preventionist Amber Brunow at 402-729-3351, extension 4164.

Nebraska Community Bloodbank Visits June 3

FAIRBURY – Nebraska Community Bloodbank invites donors to be a #1 Fan in June. Every donor who “steps up to the plate” for the June 3 bloodmobile at JCH&L will have a chance to win Kansas City Royals tickets. The next blood drive will be held on Monday, June 3, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Nebraska Community Bloodbank bloodmobile in the JCH&L parking lot (on the H street side of the building.) All types are needed.

Giving blood is giving a gift of life. Nebraska Community Bloodbank is Jefferson Community Health & Life’s bloodbank, and the two organizations partner for blood drives in Fairbury to save lives.

To make an appointment, call Jean Smith at JCH&L at 402-729-6851, the Nebraska Community Bloodbank at 1-877-486-9414 or visit and use sponsor code JCHC.

Meet Me At the Sidewalk Event Successful

Meet Me At the Sidewalk, a free community celebration “kickoff” organized by JeffCo On the Move, brought more than 80 area residents to use the new H Street sidewalk and participate in activities surrounding it on Wednesday, May 1.

The event included a 1 mile at-your-own-pace walk, with a variety of activities available along the way. Walkers were creative with sidewalk chalk art, tried out hoola hoops and a card activity game, moved in a variety of ways, and spent some time on the playground at Faith Lutheran Church. Healthy snacks and give-aways rounded out the celebration.

The celebration was organized by JeffCo On the Move, a community coalition dedicated to encouraging active lifestyles and increasing our community’s walk– and bike–ability and safety. Coalition members include Public Health Solutions, Jefferson Community Health & Life, Fairbury Public Schools, Fairbury Public Library, Jefferson County Attorney, and many interested individuals. The event also appreciated the support of Safe Kids, Fairbury Gardens, Rooted in Relationships, Heritage Care Center, and Faith Lutheran Church for this event.

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group to Meet May 28

The Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group will meet on Tuesday, May 28, at 6:30 p.m. in Jefferson Community Health & Life’s Small Conference Room.

Please note change or regular meeting day because of the Memorial Day holiday.

The program will be “How Dementia Affects Language Skills,” a video by Teepa Snow, dementia care and education specialist.

Easiest access will be by parking in the H Street parking and entering through the JCH&L Main Entrance. Follow the lobby signage to “Hospital.” The meeting rooms will be to the left. The Small Conference Room is the second door.

The Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Support Group is a program of the Alzheimer’s Association which typically meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Jefferson Community Health & Life. It is designed for those who are caregivers and family members of those who have Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias.

The group is designed to provide an opportunity anyone interested to share their experiences with Alzheimer’s Disease. There is no cost, and no pre-registration.

For more information, contact Lana Likens at Jefferson Community Health & Life at 402-729-6855.

Parkinson’s Support Group to Meet May 13

The Parkinson’s Support Group will meet on Monday, May 13, at 10 a.m. in Jefferson Community Health & Life’s Small Conference Room.

The program will be a webinar – Dealing with Dementia in Parkinson’s  –by Jennifer G. Goldman, M.D., M.S., Associate Professor, Section of Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders, Department of Neurological Sciences, Research Center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL

Easiest access will be by parking in the H Street parking and entering through the JCH&L Main Entrance. Follow the lobby signage to “Hospital.” The meeting rooms will be to the left. The Small Conference Room is the second door.

The Parkinson’s Support Group generally meets on the second Monday of each month.

The group is designed to provide an opportunity for area residents to share their experiences with Parkinson’s disease. There is no cost for participants.

For more information, contact Lana Likens at Jefferson Community Health & Life at (402)-729-6855.