Introducing #jeffcohealthyforlife

Use the hashtag on Facebook and Twitter to share healthy lifestyles

Jefferson Community Health & Life invites you to join us in sharing healthy lifestyles with #jeffcohealthyforlife.

“There are many ways to be healthy for life: living an active lifestyle, cooking and eating nutritious meals and snacks, making healthy choices, and more. When you are active – on your own, with your friends or with family – post on Facebook or Tweet with #jeffcohealthyforlife,” said Lana Likens, director of public relations at Jefferson Community Health & Life. “Let’s show the world that Jefferson County residents (and our friends and neighbors) are striving to be healthy for life.”

From all #jeffcohealthyforlife posts JCH&L will periodically choose posts to share on our social media. Please note, JCH&L will not be able to access posts if the user’s account is set as private, even if #jeffcohealthyforlife is included. Users have the option of making an individual post public even if their overall settings are private.

We encourage everyone to post a picture – or description – of their healthy lifestyle choice and add #jeffcohealthyforlife. Share it publicly to let everyone see the healthy choices we are making!