JCH&L Gardenside Residents, Cedarwood Tenants Appreciate Mask Donations

Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, residents at Jefferson Community Health & Life Gardenside and tenants at Cedarwood assisted living are now encouraged to wear cloth face coverings when they are in a room with others. The residents and tenants appreciate the many donations of hand-crafted cloth facemask that have been received.

“CDC recommends the use of cloth face masks for residents and tenants to make sure we are stopping the spread even if a resident or tenant does not have symptoms, but may be infected,” said Deb Sutton, administrator of JCH&L Gardenside and Cedarwood.

At least seven individuals from the area have already donated hand-crafted cloth face masks for the use of residents and tenants. More continue to be welcome, to allow residents and tenants to have more than one mask, so they may be laundered regularly. Anyone interested in donating cloth face masks should contact Lana Likens at 402-729-6855.

“Staff and residents all appreciate the generous spirit of our area residents who are willing to share of their time and talents to help keep residents, tenants and staff members safe,” Sutton said.

Staff members at both Gardenside and Cedarwood wear medical masks any time they are going to be within 6 feet of residents, tenants or fellow staff members.

The CDC has recently begun recommending that the public wear cloth masks when they are in community settings and will be near people. Medical masks should not be worn by the public, but should be reserved for medical professionals, according to the CDC guidance. The cloth mask should cover both nose and mouth. This recommendation is designed to prevent those who are infected but don’t have symptoms from spreading the illness. Wearing a cloth face covering does not reduce the need for social distancing, frequent hand washing, and other every day preventative measures.

More information is available at www.CDC.gov.

Gardenside and Cedarwood have been totally closed to visitors and any non-essential personnel since March 14. On March 11, visitors were discouraged and any visitors were screened for travel, symptoms and contact with anyone was suspected to have COVID-19.

Family and friends have found many creative ways to show their loves they care: Skype and Facetime; email; phone calls; visits outside windows; cards and letters; and dropping off flowers and other treats.

Anyone who needs assistance connecting with residents or tenants may call Gardenside at 402-729-5220, or Cedarwood at 402-729-6100.