JCH&L Gardenside Working on Roof Repairs

Roof work began at JCH&L Gardenside on Feb. 17. This project will involve some repairs above the ceiling inside and complete removal of the existing roof overlay and insulation and application of a new layer of insulation and a sealed roof overlay.

Residents, staff and visitors will experience some noise during this process while work is being done over head. The work will not begin before 9:00 a.m. and will be completed by 6:00-8:00 p.m. each evening so as not to disturb the residents’ sleep. The noise will vary from day to day and will be dependent upon what task is occurring and the location. Earplugs will be available for anyone who would like them during this process. Gardenside will make whatever accommodations possible on a day to day basis to keep residents comfortable.

Some interior work will also be completed above the ceilings. Most of this work will be in the north hallway and a section of the dayroom. Plastic containment walls will be in place for everyone’s safety during this portion of the project. Starting on Feb. 25, there will be a portion of the day room and the east courtyard inaccessible through Friday, Feb. 28. Beginning Friday, a few residents may be relocated and there will be a containment wall in part of the north hallway.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact Deb Sutton RN, Administrator, at 402-729-5220.