JeffCo On the Move

Group encourages and facilitates healthy lifestyles

It has been nearly a year since the Walk & Bike Fairbury Summit was held in October 2017. Our team has officially become JeffCo On the Move. We are working through a number of areas within the community to encourage and facilitate healthy lifestyles.

The City of Fairbury has been working on redevelopment plans for H Street and has nearly completed a plan which will include sidewalks from 14th to 27th Street.  We have completed an initial sidewalk assessment for priority pathways which connect the schools and parks.  The city is offering matching funds to assist property owners in upgrading or adding sidewalks, with emphasis on priority areas. Details and applications are available at the Fairbury City Offices, or learn more information by calling  402-729-5261 The city is also investigating an extension of the current trail to the east to connect with Nebraska Highway 15 south of Fairbury.

Jefferson Community Health & Life has launched a hashtag campaign: #jeffcohealthyforlife.  The goal is to have people snap pictures of themselves or others who are exercising or living healthy lifestyles and ultimately, encourage others to get out and life healthy lifestyles, as well. We want to create a culture of healthy lifestyles! JCH&L Burkley Fitness Center is planning for youth swims for the school year, and has added a martial arts class for all ages.

The Fairbury Public Library is looking into a “story walk,” which is a children’s story posted on signage along a walking route.  The library is also working on identifying historic sites around Fairbury’s priority walking routes, with the possibility of adding signage to encourage exploration of the city’s history while walking or biking.

Fairbury Public Schools held a Color Run for the September elementary fun night on the cross-country course, and are working toward a walking club for kids who arrive prior to school start time in the morning.  They are also working with Public Health Solutions on possibilities of utilizing a new program for Safe and Active Routes to School, or a “walking school bus” program.

Anyone interested in being part of the JeffCo On the Move team is invited to contact Judy McGee at 402-729-6887.  We need your ideas and participation to move forward and make Jefferson County a place where we encourage everyone to stay “on the move” to build a healthier community.