July Health Today Features Vertigo and Dizziness

FAIRBURY – The July Health Today Program will feature vertigo and dizziness, and will discuss treatments that could help. The program will be presented by Justin Schardt PT, DPT, of Jefferson Community Health & Life Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services. Many people suffer from vertigo or dizziness. Learn what vertigo is, how it is different from dizziness, and what treatments may help.

The session will be held at 12:20 p.m. on Thursday, July 6, in the Conference Room at Jefferson Community Health & Life.

Health Today is a free monthly health education session offered by Jefferson Community Health & Life in a lunch-time session. Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch, or are welcome to purchase lunch in the JCHC cafeteria, which is located near the Conference Rooms.

JCH&L works with a wide variety of professionals who bring educational programs on health-related topics each month. Please note that the day of the week for the session will vary.

Reservations are not required. The program is FREE. The only cost for participants would be lunch, if they choose to purchase it. Participants are also welcome to carry in their lunch.

Anyone who would like to be on a mailing list to directly receive notices about the monthly sessions or anyone with questions about the program should contact Likens at (402) 729-6855.