Some Medicare Plans Offer Assistance with Fitness Center Costs

Those on Medicare might want to check on their eligibility for assistance with the cost of participating at a fitness center. JCH&L Burkley Fitness Center is a partner with Renew Active, Silver and Fit and Silver Sneakers. All are fitness plans which are part of Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans.

Most of these programs pay the fitness center directly for the participant’s use of the facility. The participant must simply check in with they come to the facility, either to use equipment or take classes.

It is important to note that many of the plans which offer these programs are Medicare Advantage plans, which are different than original Medicare. But a few of the plans which offer these fitness programs are Medicare supplement plans.

If you are curious whether your plan covers any of these programs, you can talk to the staff at the Burkley Fitness Center. With your name, birthdate and insurance care, the staff can check whether you are eligible for the program.

“There are many factors in choosing an insurance plan which is right for your needs, and we don’t recommend choosing based on whether the plan provides fitness center membership. However, if the insurance plan that best suits your needs does cover fitness center membership, we encourage you to take advantage of that feature,” said Jen Johnson, JCH&L Burkley Fitness Center manager.

You can also ask your insurance provider if you qualify for fitness center benefits.
The fitness center offers annual and monthly rates, as well as punch cards for those who use the facility fewer times per month. All fees include group fitness classes. (Martial arts is a separate class which meets at the fitness center, so has its own fees. Burkley Fitness Center members receive a discount on martial arts classes.)

If you have questions about membership, fees or insurance coverage, please contact the Burkley Fitness Center at 402-729-6139.