Primary Health Care Remains Important in COVID Pandemic

While many areas of healthcare have experienced dramatic changes because of the COVID pandemic, primary health care remains important. Jefferson Community Health & Life reminds everyone not to neglect important health needs.

“JCH&L will see patients with any type of health concern, and we encourage those with health concerns to seek the appropriate care,” said Vic Lee, interim CEO at Jefferson Community Health & Life. “While we encourage those seeking routine preventative care to postpone, we don’t want anyone with health concerns to put their health on hold because of the COVID pandemic. We are striving to offer our services in ways that will protect our patients, our staff and our community.”

For those who are feeling well and not having any health concerns, it is recommended that physicals and other routine visits be postponed for now. However, anyone having problems with chronic health concerns – such as blood sugar, blood pressure, heart concerns, thyroid, etc. –should be seen by a primary care provider. In addition, anyone who has something new develop which is a health concern – symptoms of illness, infection, injury, cancer, etc. –should also be seen.

JCH&L Fairbury Clinic is encouraging all visits be done via Virtual Visits, if possible.  This may vary by provider and the reason for the visit, which can be discussed when you call the Fairbury Clinic at 402-729-3361 to schedule an appointment.

If during a Virtual Visit the provider determines that further evaluation needs to be done, the provider will give the patient further direction on how this will take place.

If you have questions regarding Virtual Visits at JCH&L Fairbury Clinic or to make an appointment, you can call 402-729-3361, option 1.

Currently, patients with respiratory concerns are seen at their vehicle at JCH&L Fairbury Clinic. By seeing respiratory patients at the vehicle, the clinic is working to keep clinic exam rooms available for patients with other health concerns.

Some patients who see a specialist at Jefferson Community Health & Life Outpatient Services for followup may have the opportunity to visit with their specialist through technology from their own home. Both Bryan Heart and Genesis Psychiatric Group have been working with some patients who need followup to do so by telephone.

Patients who have specialist clinic visits scheduled (or who feel they need a specialist clinic visit) should call that specific specialty clinic’s main office directly to find out what options they may have.

Most outpatient specialty clinics which come to JCH&L have been suspended for now. Only essential services are being offered.

Those with questions about a specific clinic may contact JCH&L Outpatient Services at 402-729-6851.

JCH&L’s emergency department remains available to see all types of emergencies. Patients are asked to call first if not arriving by ambulance. The JCH&L nursing staff will direct the patient to the appropriate entrance for their specific needs. At this time, those with respiratory symptoms are seen in a different area than non-respiratory symptoms.

Examples of emergency needs include sudden onset of chest pain, loss of consciousness, convulsions, pain that can’t be tolerated or controlled, severe shortness of breath, severe reaction to insect bites or medicines, poisoning, unexplained disorientation or drowsiness, major injury, or uncontrollable bleeding.

All entrances to JCH&L’s health center are now locked at all times. Those who have emergency needs with no respiratory symptoms are asked to use the ER/Outpatient entrance and pick up the telephone in the vestibule to contact nursing services and explain their need. Those who have respiratory symptoms are asked to call 402-729-3351 and ask for nursing to receive instructions for being seen.