With First County Case of COVID-19, JCH&L Continues Precautions

As Jefferson County now has its first confirmed case of COVID-19, Jefferson Community Health & Life continues precautions designed to keep staff, patients and visitors healthy.

The newest measure is that all who enter JCH&L facilities will now be masked. Staff have been masking for several weeks any time they are within 6 feet of other staff or patients. Patients have only been masked if they have symptoms or having screening concerns (such as travel.)

JCH&L encourages patients to bring their own face mask if they have one, to help conserve JCH&L supplies for medical needs.

JCH&L continues to recommend that the public limit social contact and distance when you must have contact, mask if you are in a public place, wash your hands frequently, and don’t touch your face.

Gov. Pete Ricketts has announced that hospitals can resume elective procedures as of May 4. In light of the first case being diagnosed in the county, JCH&L will be taking this step very slowly and cautiously. If the situation allows, some elective services may begin in mid-May. JCH&L continues to monitor the situation and will plan for the best interest of patients and staff. Those with questions about specific outpatient services should call 402-729-6851.

Currently, JCH&L continues to provide essential patient services, as ordered by the medical provider.

All entrances to the health center remain locked at all times. The outpatient and emergency entrance is staffed 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to screen those who enter.

Those who have emergency needs with no respiratory symptoms are asked to use the ER/Outpatient entrance and if the entrance is not staffed, pick up the telephone in the vestibule to contact nursing services and explain their need. Those who have respiratory symptoms are asked to call 402-729-3351 and ask for nursing to receive instructions for being seen.

JCH&L continues to limit hospital patients to 1 designated visitor per room. Visitors should use the ER/Outpatient entrance and will be screened. They will continue to be asked to mask, are asked to use their mask for a week unless it becomes visibly soiled. If the door is not staffed, please pick up the telephone in the entry way to contact the nurses station for direction.

Many other necessary precautions had already been put in place before Jefferson County had its first case, and these precautions will continue.

Precautions already in place:

  • JCH&L Fairbury Clinic is encouraging all visits, whether healthy or sick, to be done via Virtual Visits.  This may vary by provider and the reason for the visit, which can be discussed when you call the Fairbury Clinic at 402-729-3361, option 1, to schedule an appointment. If during a Virtual Visit the provider determines that further evaluation needs to be done, the provider will give the patient further direction on how this will take place.
  • JCH&L Fairbury Clinic patients with respiratory symptoms are being seen in their vehicles. This allows the clinic to continue to be safely utilized for patients with other health concerns who need to be seen in person.
  • JCH&L Gardenside and Cedarwood are CLOSED to all non-essential personnel, including family members.
  • The JCH&L cafeteria is closed to the public. It will remain open only to staff.
  • Immunization clinics regularly offered twice at month at Jefferson Community Health & Life Outpatient Services by Blue Valley Community Action have been suspended until further notice.
  • Women’s Health Days offered monthly by JCH&L Radiology and Fairbury Clinic are suspended until further notice.
  • Volunteers are not coming to the facility until further notice.
  • JCH&L Plymouth Clinic will be closed until further notice.
  • JCH&L Burkley Fitness Center is closed.
  • All support groups and outside programs have been postponed until further notice. This includes Parkinson’s Support Group, Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group, Health Today and Smart Moves lifestyle change program
  • Patients for all services continue to be screened for recent travel to areas of high incidence/community spread, signs and symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat), and whether they have had any contact with persons who have been diagnosed or are under investigation for having COVID-19. Hospital or clinic patients with positive screening results will be cared for appropriately and given guidance and direction.