JeffCo On the Move Introduces Historic Trail Walk

Historic Walk Will Encourage Activity, and Share Community Historic Sites

JeffCo On the Move is excited to introduce the new Historic Trail Walk in Fairbury. The concept of the historic trail walk is simple: provide information at various historic sites around the community, and let walkers or bikers know where other signs are and how far it is from place to place.

“The goal is to encourage healthy activity in our community,” said Lana Likens, president of JeffCo On the Move. “We want to encourage walking, biking, and connecting our community.”

Sites included on the Fairbury Historic Trail Walk are: Rock Island Railroad Depot Museum, Fairbury Public Library; McNish Park; Fairbury City Museum; Fairbury City Park; and Jefferson County Courthouse/Historic Downtown Fairbury. Each sign includes a brief history of the location, photos, a map of the community with other Historic Trail Walk locations marked, and distances to the other locations on the trail. Each map has a QR code which allows participants to go to the map on their mobile device. The map can also be accessed on line at the City of Fairbury site. Go to, then parks, then JeffCo On the Move Historic Trail.

The Kickoff Challenge for the Historic Trail Walk will be held from May 21 through July 6. Individuals or families are invited to walk or bike to each of the six locations on the Historic Trail Walk and take a selfie with the sign at each location. (The visits don’t all have to be the same day.) We encourage individuals and families to post their selfies on the new JeffCo On the Move Facebook page with the hashtag #historictrailwalk. Each participant is then encouraged to show their six selfies to staff at the Fairbury Public Library (during regular library open hours, when those resume again) prior to closing time on Monday, July 6, and fill out a form to register for the drawing. There is no cost to compete in the challenge. One entry per family is allowed. From all eligible entries, one winner will be drawn for a Kindle Fire.

Full contest details and map can be found on the JeffCo On the Move Facebook page.

“We are very grateful to our sign sponsors for their part in making this project possible, and to the city of Fairbury for their support for the project and installing the signs this spring,” Likens said.

Sponsors are: Westin Packaged Meats-Fairbury Operations; Heartland Bank; PVI; Rooted in Relationships; Fairbury Public Library Foundation; and Jefferson Community Health & Life.

The goal of JeffCo on the Move is to encourage and facilitate healthy lifestyles.

“In this time of social distancing, we felt it was important to let the community know about the Historic Trail Walk project which was completed this spring, and encourage people to participate in healthy activity that allows appropriate social distancing,” Likens said. “Once locations at the markers are once again open for business, we also encourage families to check out the locations that the signs recognize.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the Fairbury Historic Trail project or JeffCo on the Move may check out the new Facebook Page (JeffCo On the Move) or contact Likens at 402-729-6855.